Wednesday, August 19, 2009

would you rather

here's the deal: i'm pretty sure that all girls actually wish they were guys. or, granting some variation, they might like being girls but they wouldn't mind being guys. and except for people who actually get operations, i don't think there is any guy who would rather be a girl. i'm not even sure girls poop. it just doesn't even seem like something that happens in my mind. being a guy is really awesome, being a girl seems like it sucks in so many ways. 1) pregnancy....rough. 2) bitchiness/cliqueness/middle school in general 3) don't get to lead in dances 4) can't go shirtless in the summer. i had some other good ones but i forget them now.
also, just for fun, this one i guess would go under the category of how knowing the future would affect your life. would you rather have the best day ever, actually the best day anyone could possibly have, or the worst? this is assuming that you know going into it that it's the best/worst, and that you'd have a perfect memory of it. i say the worst. if you have the best day ever, it seems like every day after that would be kind of a let down. it'd be like, oh this was fun, but wait, not as good as that other day i had. whereas if you had the worst day ever, you'd might never complain again. you'd start to, and then realize that it was nothing near as bad as that one time. plus, if you chose worst day ever, then any really awesome day could be the best day ever, who's to say, instead of having to live with the concrete knowledge that you'd already had the best day ever and you would never experience that good of a day ever again. i can't predict whether most people would agree with me on this one or not, but my instinct is that they would choose best.
finally, have you ever noticed how in jerry maguire, cuba gooding jr. always says "you know" in a really weird voice? it's pretty fun to do. youu kNoEWW?

wow that took me a long time to figure out how to make it skip to the start of the clip. but i figured it out on my own, because i'm a crazy hacker. added bonus, this video mentions show me the money.

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