Monday, August 24, 2009

lists, movie review, black comedians

it seems like people really like the concept of lists, rankings, numbered orderings, what have you. i can't support that. unless it's an objective list based on a fact, like, which food has the most calories, or something. but other than that, i never agree with them, and it's not fun to argue about. (yeah, that's probably the one time i'll say i don't enjoy arguing about something) here are my problems with them: they're usually too long. when you rank the 100 best or 100 most or whatever, i just don't care for that long, and by the end, it's all useless. there's no difference between 89 and 95. i end up looking at the top 10, maybe 15, and ignoring the rest. and i doubt i'm alone in that. then there's the fact that even within the top 10, there i might care about the order, but pretty much i just want to know who's at #1, and that's it. all lists should henceforth be condensed to #1 and others. if you're not first, you're last. for example, top 100 blogs on the internet. 1. don't worry, you're already there. (and that's not ego talking. i have this placement from high authority, who wishes to remain anonymous, let's call them "terling hagel" said this was the only blog worth reading...high praise) 2-100. "insert blogs of your preference here ". simple.
just saw 500 days of summer. did seeing it with another guy make me gay? i say no, we went in at seperate times, no one knew we were together. anyway, i mostly liked it, it was pretty funny, and just as romantic comedy sappy as i expected. thankfully it was offset by its sort of whimsical indy film nature. my problem with it was the male lead. i just didn't care if he was dumped or dating or not. he was a little unsympathetic, kind of douche. why did he have to wear vests and super thin pants all the time? boo to that. also, props to danny for pointing out that he was basically the movie version of ted mosby. a wannabe architect in love with a girl who wants to be friends who's a hopeless romantic. so where was barney to offset and be less douchey? also, zooey dechanel was better in elf.

so i just watched eddie murphy's delirious. it was very funny, although it was interesting to see how his most popular sketches from that show (ice cream, googoo gaga) were the least amusing and most tiresome to me. other black stand-up comedians i have experience with: dave chapelle, bill cosby, richard pryor, and chris rock are the ones i can think of. what i noticed, and wonder if anyone else has found is that all black comedians have a "white guy" voice. and it's the same for all of them. it sounds like a stuck-up, nerdy guy talking all nasely and with a scrunched up face. is that actually what white people sound like? obviously it's a stereotypical charicature, but i wonder if it's based in reality. and it's totally unfair because i think it would be viewed as horribly non-PC if a white comedian did a black guy impression. oh well. also it's interesting that these guys mostly have "black guy" voices too, that are like, hyper black, i guess. here's a good clip that has both.

back to school tomorrow. we'll see if my blog takes a philisophical turn.

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  1. You will never convince me that Elf is a good movie. Never.