Monday, August 3, 2009


at first this was going to be about how i hate oprah, but i realized that really i just hate the people that made oprah famous. "most influential woman in the world"? that's depressing. people are even saying that her endorsement won the election for obama. ridiculous. she is smart, i read that she did well in school, got scholarships to go good places, etc. but she was also "most popular" in high school. and now it's like she's just been voted "most popular" in the world.
i guess the idea of celebrity really weirds me out. i'm sure part of it would be awesome (like the money) but the actual constant attention part of being a celebrity would be awful. i think people often don't really realize their own celebrity status. do you think they're star-struck by each other? i bet a lot of celebrity relationships have only started because each of them were amazed that they were dating the other big celebrity. i saw funny people yesterday (movie review in a second), and they showed all these people wanting to take a picture with adam sandler. that is such a weird instinct. not the idea of commemorating a moment with a photo, per se. but that simply having seen the person counts as an important moment. the same goes for an autograph. it'd be one thing if you'd spent the whole day with them and had a great time so then you kept a picture from that, or if you were pen-pals so you saved their letters. but the other mementoes are bizarre. i think it's because the one set actually have their own significance, because they carry a whole set of memories with them, and the other have their significance entirely manufactured by you (thanks to the media).

funny people: C-, barely passing. just didn't like it that much. it was a movie about comedians and stand-up and it just was not very funny. that would have been it's saving grace, but unfortunately it wasn't there. granted there were funny parts, but not enough for how long it was. it was interesting to see when i laughed compared to the rest of the theater though. it's always fun, in a condescending sort of way, to see how you respond to the movie compared to the rest of the audience. the main problem was that i didn't really care about adam sandler and whether or not he died, and his relationship with seth rogan never struck the right tone for me. oh well. still mildly entertaining. plus, this is what i imagine it's like for mom and dad when they deal with charlie.

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