Wednesday, August 5, 2009

driving and hulu

i have started doing my in-car lessons for driver's ed. they are pretty surreal. my instructor is completely silent except for telling me when to turn. the first lesson, we stopped to drop off his mail and then got gas. this time, we were at the MVA doing parallel parking practice when he had me pull into a parking space so he could go to the the woods. but, only one left so that's nice. now if only the MVA would let me set up my driving test. every time i call, "all the lines are busy". how could they always be busy? such crap.

i've been watching a lot of shows on hulu lately, mainly hell's kitchen. it's kind of trashy, but definitely entertaining, and i now realize that i don't actually want to be a chef. although i do want to learn how to cook good food. anyway, i'm always confused at the start of the episode when they say "this show is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by ____". is that opposed to unlimited commercial interruption?


  1. Today Scrisbee the rhinoceros beetle moved on to that great insect collection in the sky, and he would have wanted me to tell you "up your butt with a coconut." Also, "get me another strawberry."

    He died like he lived: on his back in a cage.