Friday, August 21, 2009


forearms are underrated in re their sex appeal. am i biased from my love of popeye and my one developed muscle being my forearm from tennis? irrelevant. big forearms look so badass. without them your arm just tapers down. plus they're actually easier to show off then most other things people work out like biceps or pecs. which reminds me, it is really horrible how many unathletic people there are whose only "good" body feature is that they have these weirdly hyper-developed upper bodies. i was unfortunately made aware of this by all the shirtless guys at the beach with arms so big they couldn't put their arms parallel to their body, but also fake pec man boobs that rested nicely on their keg bellies. it's obvious that they only do it for the image, because they have these stick legs and anything taxing like throwing a football around they can't do for more than 2 minutes before they all have to sit down. when do you even get to show that off except going to the beach, unless you're comfortable being a douche and wearing shirts that are way too tight. but with forearms, no one is going to judge you for a short-sleeve shirt. also, they have a more subtle appeal. i've heard lots of complaints about huge bodybuilders being gross because they're too lumpy, but big forearms aren't deforming like that. they can still get hell of big, though. (yes mark, i've been reading achewood lately) finally, i don't think that they would have the same flabbiness and wrinkling when you get old, i've never seen anyone with droopy forearm skin. and don't worry, squinky eye is optional. but corncob pipe IS NOT.

Lunchtime. This is what's on my mind. i need to watch this movie again before i go back to 4 days. rad and crazy.


  1. you should wait and watch it when you get back to school so I can watch too. i haven't seen it in so long.