Monday, August 17, 2009


today was a good reminder of why its fun to live in a museum dedicated to yourself. mom got out the old school project bins and we looked through them, and they were of course hilarious. i was surprised to find out that apparently i had been a huge punk about doing homework in elementary school. one of the things i found was a project on soil and pollution, and the question was how can we fix the current soil problems like erosion and pollution? my answer was pretty good, i thought: buy a lot of dirt. i did not get credit for it. mom also told me some pretty funny whines that i would use instead of doing it. like, why do i have to read this book and do a report on it, are the teachers that lazy? why don't they read the book themselves if they're interested. but if anything, i'm just proud of myself, i sound like i was a pretty sweet little dude, although i may have been the worst artist in history.
so that was learning about 4-10 year old me. but last night i rewatched an eddie izzard stand-up video for the first time in a while. i probably got turned onto him in 8th grade? sometime around then. and i watched all the videos we had of him a lot. so it was interesting to see how all the stuff that was absolutely hilarious to me back then that i would go around the house repeating seems just bizarre now. of course, a lot of his stuff was still really good and had me crying with laughter. but some of the rambling tangents that he goes off on were not the nuggets of comedy that they had been. they seemed like he had just gone into his own little world and i didn't follow him there as readily as before.
this is a pretty good video that i discovered by myself the other day:

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