Tuesday, August 4, 2009


dad just back from going up to cooperstown again and he got the pictures from last time developed, which i was super psyched about. they totally captured me in all my carpy glory. the story behind them is that we were fishing all day and the damn carp kept eating our bait only then breaking the line and stealing the hooks, which was obviously annoying. finally i came down to check the line before dinner and found one still on the line, but it had gotten all tangled up in some seaweed, so i had to wade to the next dock to get it loose. then we fought it out for 10 minutes or so, and i totally reeled the suckah in. very fun. as an added bonus, it had been raining on and off all day, and then when i finally got the carp on the dock liz came down and pointed out the rainbow over sleeping lion. it must have been staged. anyway, here are the pictures, with some family ones too.
four-and-a-half boarder!

stupid thing wouldn't smile for the camera.

is it just me, or do i look weird and stumpy in this photo? still, this is my favorite.

this is a close second.


  1. Stinking Kevin told me that in fish photos, you should hold your trophy out at arms' length toward the camera, as that makes the fish look bigger. So I guess that's one useful suggestion he's given me, ever.

    -Brother Mark

  2. sorry dude, you ARE weird and stump