Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the end is near

only four of five more of all of my classes! yikes. the year has gone by very fast. but in talking to luke about it, it has also been really long. a lot of stuff has happened. just the past two weeks have been pretty crazy. senior prank last thursday, which meant part all day friday, and the alumni were in town. then croquet on saturday (what does a broom do?), tincher and i killed it, that was a lot of fun. there was a crazy amount of people there, though. pretty much the entire front campus was covered in bodies. then i swung-danced the night away at catillion. then sunday was the santa fe match, plus a soccer game. then a pretty quick week, before we drove up to philly on thursday night, party at dan's house. croquet all day friday at merrion, which is an amazingly posh and fancy cricket club. even the servants were all white. another party at dan's house, then the tournament started saturday, all of the st. john's teams made the ladder, then there was a party at this ridiculously rich dude's mansion. sunday we lost to a st. john's team in the semis, and we ended up going 1-2-3, and winning the overall six-wicket title, so we got a pretty sweet trophy for that, and then had a party when we got back to annapolis. and now there's hardly any school left, but it's filled with reality, don rags, sailing, intramurals, desperately trying to finish my treasure chest, etc.

here are some sweet videos:

gibbons are really freaky. why are their arms so long? why do they walk like people? why do they have pot-bellies? so many questions about that.
i had a bunch of different random things i had new ideas about, but i can't remember them now. i guess one of them would be friendship/best friends. it seems like the fleming children don't often have best friends. maybe that's not totally true, but i wonder what mom did to us, in any case. i like to think of it as a positive self-reliance. who knows.
more importantly, i came up with the greatest invention ever, but i can't talk about it in case it gets stolen. all i'll say is, wouldn't it be nice if you had a toothbrush that could brush all of your teeth at the same time? think about it.

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