Sunday, April 11, 2010

busy do it know

plumber? i hardly know her!

rectum? i nearly killed 'em!

it has been a busy weekend. went to philly on friday night, picked up settler's of catan, ate cheesesteaks from pat's and gino's (i preferred pat's). then spent the night in philly, up at 8 the next day to go play croquet in columbia. really bad traffic, lots of cheez whiz in the system, didn't get there until 2 o'clock, and then played some six-wicket on the nice, sunny day. got back to campus, had 2 hours of down time, and then there was a realty party (vogue-themed, a.k.a. girls get to dress all slutty and pretend its classy-themed.) i went in a jumpsuit. but it was fun, and i danced the night away. then i got up at 8 again this morning, played hours of croquet again on the nice, sunny day, got back to campus, had 2 hours of down time, and then had a soccer game. we won (i scored a goal! and assisted on two others) so that was also fun, if exhausting. my favorite part was that i was excited about scoring my goal, i came over to liz who was watching to ask if she had seen it, and she said "yeah, it was a little spastic, but..." no congratulations, no sharing of the excitement, just criticism. what a turd.

interesting thoughts of late...i enjoyed our hamlet seminar, at least the very end, when i had a brilliant comment about how hamlet and prince hal are the same character, just one has soliloquies and the other doesn't. of course now i have to write a paper about it, but i'm kind of happy about that, since now i'll be forced to think the idea all the way through. also interesting to see how after writing my sophomore paper on inquiry and analysis and synthesis, since then almost all of my math classes have been on the same subject, and my freshman lab class, and my language class now that we're doing logic. i can't tell if it's just because i've thought about the idea for so long that i can't help relate things to it, or its just a coincidence. in any case, it's been cool but also frustrating because i have thought about it so much longer that people just want to talk about things on a different level.

croquet against navy is in a week, that should be a lot of fun, it sounds like a lot of people are coming in.

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