Thursday, March 11, 2010

sophomore essay

i have not yet actually started writing my sophomore essay. and i don't see why i should. i have a whole week to do it when i get back. plus i've been doing some very intense thinking about it, which is basically just as good as writing. right? instead of working, i've been doing lots of reading, and going on walks with the d-o-g. i'm currently working my way through the omnivore's dilemma, it's fairly thought provoking. it's this guy's attempt to point out all of the problems with the food industry as it currently stands, instead advocating small-scale, local farming and buying. it's been compelling, and well written, but i am inherently suspicious of a work with such a clear agenda, so now i kind of want to read a book by the USDA or something advocating the current system. anyway, i'm only half-way through, so he hasn't talked about going back to hunting and gathering yet, maybe that will be the perfect system. all in all, i still hate vegans, and i love high fructose corn syrup, and no commie writer is going to change that.
i recently watched faubourg 36, or paris 36, this french musical. it was good, it was a little surreal, but no more than you would expect, and fairly entertaining. i also recommend the film previously made by the same director and featuring the same main character, called the chorus. it's about a group of troubled, orphaned boys turned into a chorus by their supervisor, it was also french and good. everyone could use to be a little more pretentious, anyway.

in follow up youtube meandering to the mbira array videos, i also found this crazy stuff with a dude amplifying his plucking of cactus spines (not a euphemism). it's very strange, but also somehow relaxing. there are a surprisingly large number of videos of people playing the cactus.
in birthday news, i am now king of the mirrors, and that is a good thing. i wasn't sure how much i would actually like having a bunch of mirrors, but i now rest assured that it was a brilliant idea. everyone is fascinated by mirrors (although some are clearly less willing to admit it than others). as soon as i opened the second mirror, i did make an infinity of myself, and it was awesome. people at school will not be able to handle it when i get back, even if my funhouse mirror that i ordered will not be delivered until november. that just means they'll be really surprised. i also got some cool eddie izzard stuff, mocked for looking like an old man, some scratch-offs(no winners, unfortunately), an awesome looking frog clock, and eventually i will be getting a new video card so that i can finally play all of the new computer games on my computer. all in all, a rousing success. the only thing lacking was some treasure for the chest, but since that isn't completed yet, i suppose there's no hurry for that. if you're still looking for a present to get me, it's not too late, here's an idea:
i'll close by reminding everyone to cheer for the terps in the ACC tournament that started today, but more importantly during march madness. i know greivis vasquez is a douche, but they have a good team this year. it doesn't matter than he slams the ball into people's heads, it just doesn't.

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