Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so close

it's so close to spring break, i can hardly handle it. i want it so bad it's like acid in my mouth (1 schrute buck to anyone who gets that reference(another to anyone who knows the going rate from schrute bucks to dollars)). unfortunately, i still have a 5 page music paper to turn in before break, aka tomorrow, aka shoot me now i haven't started it yet. but then i thought to myself, when start writing it when i could blog instead? after all, it's blogging i'm serious about, not school.
as promised, here is me at lola's (the girl on the right was some sort of side-show attraction, i was too lazy to photoshop her out):

also, here's a pretty cool video, i kind of want to set up something like that in my room.

the article explaining it is here:

speaking of sweet things in my room, i ordered a giant fun house mirror two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived yet, i am getting very impatient. it is putting a serious damper on my plan to have as many mirrors in my room as possible. it's also making it harder to build my death ray that focuses sun beams at people on the quad so i can burn people i don't like.
finally, i have lower back pains. it's awful. even my sweet computer chair yoga ball isn't helping. i've been doing lots of pull-ups, so i don't think it's back strength either. after all, this is what i'm working with right now. however, i recently found out that new studies have shown that it is back endurance, not strength that is a better indicator of probability of back pain, so i might have to do some endurance exercises. they sound pretty fun anyway though, you get to hang your upper body off the edge of a table and then try to hold it parallel to the ground for as long as possible.

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