Thursday, September 17, 2009

General Updates

Let's see...I dyed my moustache last night, and that's looking pretty awesome. I'll put up pictures when I'm feeling more ambitious. My roommate took about 30, most of them are weird and just show people crowding around me in the bathroom, and then close-ups of my upper lip where it looks like I just smeared it with feces. I'll do some editing. Anyway, I also ordered some acapella music....Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas, that should be here in the next couple days. I stole an aquarium filter from the lab supplies and promptly returned because I couldn't handle my guilty conscience. I literally put all the pieces together in the lab, walked to my room with it, and then turned around and walked back.
Other random notes: 1) Babies still fascinate me. Liz was making fun of me about it, but it is pretty weird that they have tongues like they do. Augustine kept just letting it hang out of his mouth, and it looked really weird. It's also weird how fat all of their body is. They don't even just have fat joints or something like that, they even have fat feet. Speaking from experience, I'll say that fat feet are really weird to touch. Plus, they all look like the Michelin man. 2) Mark, could you ask John (physical trainer John) about that partner stretching routine? I remember some of the steps, but was wondering if he had any set pattern. I talked to the yoga girl about it and she said she'd be down for leading some partner stretching, so I'm trying to get that started. 3) I'm definitely trying to use the wood room a lot this year. I didn't even know we had one, really. I'm not sure what I'm going to make, though, which is probably the starting point for a project. I just really want to get better at using tools. Or even knowing what they do.
Finally, if you haven't seen this shot yet, you need to get on it:

Just for some context...that was to set up match point. Also, this is not a new thing for Federer. At the 2005 Australian Open, he did that same shot on an actual match point, missed it, and went on to lose the match. That's really just 3:15-3:20 in this clip. What a badass.

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