Saturday, September 12, 2009

am i the king?

i think i might be the king. check this out...1) i went down to the hardware store, got them to order me some CPVC pipe, and i now am the proud owner of one working goaltimate kit, that the school paid for. 2) my other toenail has come off, and i officially have the coolest toes on campus (especially when you combine the no-toenail look with my sweet roman toes.) 3) i've found an acapella song for the fleming family trio to do. 4) i've started working out with my strength shoes, and i'm also going to do a 12-week jump program starting monday, which the other people at st. john's who did it in past years said added 6 inches to their vertical. all in all, this will be me:

lastly, i am the king because i figured out time travel in greek class the other day. what i came up with was that time machines will never exist, because if they ever were invented at some point in the future, the first thing people would do would be to come back in time and show earlier people how to make it, right? so since time machines don't exist now, that means they never will. secondly, disregarding that stunning truth, i realized that if time machines were to be invented, we shouldn't worry about whether or not that would mess up the flow of history, or whatever. like say the outcome of a war in 1710 was changed. it's not like we would know the difference, everything leading up to 2009 would have changed right along with the war. even if it ended human existence, it's kind of like, oh well. what can you do?
closing remarks: mark, good work on the mustache, bad work with your rude comments. annie, you should check this video out, i think you would like this comedian.


  1. you are going to fail out of school. all you care about is athletics. you are a jock. and a nerd. all you do is think about crazy ideas like time travel. when is the band getting together??

  2. I like the Zach Popadapolous video. It's funny because it's true. Also, I like my previous rude comments to you, which were also funny because they were true.
    Finally, I spent pretty much all day yesterday reading about how to work out for improving vertical jumping. I WILL dunk a basketball.