Sunday, July 26, 2009


check out the sweet fish i'm probably going to get.
Endler's Livebearers :Green Cobra Guppies:

Pepper Cory Cat:Fish rule, and dogs drool. Also, I went to Petsmart the other day, which reaffirmed my desire for fish, by the way. Especially salt-water fish, these ones are pretty cool, and they're only the medium-cool for fresh-water, i'm getting them because they're nice and small. the super cool salt-water fish are mind-blowing. but while at the store, i also decided that i want a parrot, and a ferret, and a turtle. they're so rad, dude. and to wrap up the list of stuff i want when i'm rich and famous, mark took me to this cool fossil type store. they had a cave-bear skeleton, a stuffed giant cobra, a stuffed iguana, dinosaur eggs, and a display case with pinned flying lizards, which is only the highlights, pretty much everything there was cool. but expensive...why is that always the case? final cool animal story. apparently tokyo is having problem with jungle crows. they're big gnarly dudes, that can form their claws into fists, and will punch people in the head. they also like doing fly-bys, which have been reported to scare people off their bicycles. how embarrassing would that be to tell people? oh, what happened to your knee? i skinned it when a crow made me fall down the stairs. some of them are apparently really smart. petra even managed to tame hers. although the better money is on that being some guy's trained bird.

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